Anticipated Endowment Assurance Plan

This plan is suitable when you want the payment in installments. In which 25% of the sum assured shall be paid at the end of 1/3rd term and 25% at the end of 2/3rd term and remaing 50% shall be paid once the term is matured.

Why our Anticipated Endowment Assurance Plan?

Death Benefit:

  • 100% Basic Sum Assured, PLUS
  • Accured Bonuses, if any

Survival & Maturity Benefit:

  • 25% of the Sum Assured at the 1/3rd of the policy term, PLUS
  • 25% of the Sum Assured at the end of 2/3rd of the policy Term, PLUS
  • 50% Sum Assured including accured bonuses at the end of policy term

Surrender Value:

  • Accumulated Surrender Value of Sum Assured, PLUS
  • Surrender Value of Accured Bonuses, if any

*You may surrender your policy after payment of two years premium in full and completion of two policy years.

Terms & Age Limits

Sr No Description Minimum Maximum
1 Entry Age 20 years 55 years
2 Mautrity Age 32 years 70 years
3 Policy Terms 12 years 30 years or upto 70 years of age
4 Premium Payment Terms 12 years Up to Policy Term

Other Features:

Policy Loan

  • During the policy term the policyholder can avail loan against his policy, the laon amount can be up to 80% of the surrender value

Tax Credit

  • You can avail Tax Credit up to 20% of your taxable income.

Bonus Allocation

  • This is a participating contract under which 90% of the profit is distributed among eligibal policyholders in the form of bonuses.

Supplementary Riders:

Paying minimal additional premium you may opt any of the following supplementary riders;

  • Accidental Death Benefit (ADB)
  • Additional Sum Cover will be payable in case of accidental death to the insured
  • Accidental Death & Disability Benefit ( AD&D)
  • Additional Sum Assured in case of accidental death and total permanent disability and 50% of sum assured in case of partial disability to the insured due to accident.
  • Benefit for Treatment of Cancer
  • Full sum assured opted under this rider will be payable on diagnosis of Cancer to the insured
  • Benefit for Bypass Surgery
  • Sum Assured opted under this rider will be payable on bypass surgery to the insured

Standard Sum Assured Limits

  • Minimum
    Rs. 25,000/-

    Case to Case Basis

Mode of Premium Payment

  • Annually Semi-Annually Quarterly Monthly